About Us

Olmr Law Office is one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s premier law firms dedicated to protecting the legal rights of Wisconsin’s residents.

Attorney Robert Olmr is more than just a lawyer- he’s also a husband, a father, a friend, and a neighbor.  Here’s a little about him:

Attorney Olmr grew up the son of immigrant parents and spent most of his childhood in South Carolina.  In 1990, his family moved to Sheboygan and Robert graduated from North High School.  After graduation, he went to New Mexico where he studied biology and chemistry.  Upon receiving his Bachelor’s, Robert went to work for Wisconsin Engineering.  During his time with Wisconsin Engineering, he travelled extensively to Europe to help establish their manufacturing operations in the Czech Republic.  After his first son was born, Robert decided to stop travelling, and ultimately settled down near Savannah, GA.  There, he started teaching science at an alternative school (for students who had been kicked out of the public school system).  Robert eventually moved back to Wisconsin to attend Marquette University Law School.  Although he started out as a part-time student (after all, he had a family and a career), he worked hard  and received his law degree in three-and-a-half years.  He then spent some time with the State Public Defender, but eventually left to start Olmr Law Office.

Attorney Robert Olmr is the father of three wonderful children, the loving husband of a beautiful wife, and dedicated lawyer.  Because of his diverse background and “real world” experience, Attorney Olmr is able to connect with his clients on a meaningful level.  More importantly, he is able to draw on those experiences to offer his clients a level of service that is unmatched by other lawyers.